The lead acid battery – the century old energy storage work horse of our society – is facing ever growing challenges in meeting 21st century market demands. Be it in energy storage, automotive SLI or micro-hybrid, light electric vehicles, or backup power – users are increasingly demanding enhanced LAB performance. Yet the market’s willingness to pay for such performance enhancements is limited at best.

At VoltaNano we understand this all too well, as our foundations are within the lead acid battery industry. We have therefore developed unique Composite Carbon Nano Materials which are specifically tailored for the needs of the lead acid industry. Our materials are applied to both LAB PAM and NAM to provide unprecedented cycle-life enhancement and boost additional performance metrics, but without compromising other performance metrics such as water loss. Further, from our onset we have fully realized that our solution must not only be the best in class performance wise, but must be highly-cost effective, scalable, and readily introduced into existing lead acid battery fabrication lines. Today, we are ready.

VoltaNano’s management team combines decades of experience and expertise in the lead acid industry, in advanced carbon nano materials development, and in technological and business leadership.

Mr. Meir Arnon
Mr. Meir Arnon
Mr. Ziv Gottesfeld
Mr. Ziv Gottesfeld
Mr. Beni Cahana
Mr. Beni Cahana
R&D Manager
Mr. Pierre Hauswald
Mr. Pierre Hauswald
Chairman of the Advisory Board
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VoltaNano’s technology breakthrough is based on two key pillars:

VoltaNano’s lead-acid-paste optimized Composite Carbon Nano Material (CCNM), developed in tight collaboration with Arkema, encapsulates the carbon nano particles within “nano lubricants” which are specifically designed to enable effective dispersion of individual particles within the lead acid paste. Our proprietary CCNM is provided to the lead acid battery manufacturer in the form of a safe (REACH certified) concentrate solution, optimized for each of PAM (VN-PAM) and NAM (VN-NAM).

The VoltaNano System, designed to be readily integrated into existing lead acid mixers, is a key part of our industrial solution. The VoltaNano system enables automated workflow, from our VN-NAM / VN-PAM cartridges, through to dilution to the required level optimized for the type of paste and battery, and unto application of the solution within the mixer in our proprietary, micro-droplet form. Our patented form of application within the lead acid paste, is an additional proprietary layer in ensuring effective distribution of the VN-NAM and VN-PAM.

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VoltaNano’s advanced Carbon Nano Material solutions are designed to enhance lead acid battery performance across all market sectors. and technologies.
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VoltaNano’s products provide the following key benefits across all market sectors and technologies:

  • Dramatically longer cycle lifetimes under shallow and deep discharge cycles
  • Dramatically longer cycle lifetime under partial state of charge
  • Improved resilience to sulfation
  • Improved resilience to active-material crumbling
  • Improved mechanical resilience
  • Improved cold temperature behavior
  • Improved exhaustive discharge
  • Low water loss
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